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   Our Values :  We embrace these values as a Tribute to all 

   Mentors : the Mother, the Father and the Teacher in all         forms, who instil these values in their Mentees.

  • Purity, Transparency, Truthfulness, Honesty, Integrity & Righteousness.

  • Humility, Gratitude, Love, Compassion, Kindness & Peace.

  • Planet Care, Environment Protection & Circular Economy.

  • Creativity, Innovations, Technology & Growth.

  • Happiness, Joy, Art, Beauty & Fun.

  • Good Health & Humanity Well Being.

  • Wealth Creation, Investment & Inclusive Growth.

  • Good Luck, Good Vibes, Living Beings Care, Pay it Forward or Give Back to Society.


Our Vision:

EaiP is created with a Vision to develop 'Entrepreneurial Mindset' & ‘Inner Peace’ among international community and provide them an approach to start & continue successful 'Entrepreneurial Journey', develop sustainable businesses & gain ‘Well-being’ in all areas of life. 

Our Mission:

EaiP was started in 2018 with a Mission to provide ‘Entrepreneurship Mentoring & Speaking’, ‘Profitability Management & Growth Strategy Expertise’ and ‘Business Advisory’ services to global community and grow 100,001 Entrepreneurs worldwide by 2027. At EaiP, we endeavor to provide support to budding entrepreneurs to start their entrepreneurial journey, sustain their businesses and scale-up to become a major contributor to Economy and Social well-being.


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EaiP team is working on various projects to realize our vision 

Sanjiv Kumar Goel 


A Profitable Management & Growth Strategy Expert, Entrepreneurship Mentor & Speaker with 28 years of International Corporate & Mentoring experience, a humanitarian, ‘believer of creating beautiful human life experience and uplifting humanity with mindful use of Earth Resources’, ‘supporter of providing the Earth Resources to maximum inhabitants to enrich life’. 

The combination of corporate experience across industries & business value chains within multi-geography & multi-cultures and Entrepreneurship Mentoring to Students, MSMEs, Start-Ups & Corporates provides a unique strength to his profile, which can be transformative and game changer to achieve next level of Entrepreneurial Growth for an individual/ organization/a country.

Deepa Goel 


Primary Schooling International Teacher working on the project to improve the quality of Education for kids of 3-10 years age group.

A believer of providing lot of space, fun, care to the kids while imparting education and developing them to be a Global Citizen contributing to Self, Family and Society well being.

Vedang Goel


Working on Projects to develop & adopt alternative lifestyle for use of less plastics & carbon emissions and protect climate for healthy life. 

A firm believer into Sustainability, Human Care and Innovative use of Earth Resources for better life.

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